1. Collect Signed Independant Contracting Agreement
  2. Collect Completed IRS Form W-9

    The first thing that we’re going to need from a contractor is a completed IRS Form W-9. Take care to send this document securely, preferably as an encrypted PDF file through an encrypted file exchange mechanism.

    If the address on this form is where compensation and correspondence should be sent, no further action is required. But if there is a different P.O. Box or address to which compensation or mail should be sent, make note of that when sending this form back.

  3. Collect Payment Information
    1. Check - We need a valid address
    2. Direct Deposit - Complete and return a direct deposit form
    3. Credit Card - Send an invoice, online payment capability required
  4. Github Username
    1. Connect to Github team
  5. E-Mail Address
    1. Invite to Slack