Our experience with Ruby goes back to pre-1.0 Rails and the days when Ruby 1.6 was the default in many Linux distributions. Ruby is our preferred language and we commonly work with:


PHP has a dominating presence on the Internet. Millions of sites are running the language and our experience extends back to the release of version 4.0 in the year 2000. We most frequently work with:


We use Jenkins for continuous integration, delivery, and deployment. A CI server like Jenkins is an essential tool for monitoring the ongoing health of a product. Every project we develop at a minimum collects:

  • Test Pass/Fail Statistics
  • Test Coverage Reports (How much of your software is covered by automated testing)
  • Code Style and Quality Analysis

Additionally, we may employ vulnerability and performance profiling tools in order to make sure your project is as secure and efficient as possible.

Product and Process Auditing

What does it take to make a more efficient product? What does it take to make a team more productive? We audit products and assist teams to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the following categories:

  1. Use of Source Code Management
  2. Issue Tracking and Workflow
  3. Client / Stakeholder Communication
  4. Planning and Specification Collection
  5. Internal Communication
  6. Testing
  7. Documentation and Artifact Management
  8. Deployment
  9. Disaster Recovery
  10. Product Quality and Security